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- 11 Dec 16

Last night a colleague mentioned he’d read my blog, and it had put him off parenthood.
I hope it was partly in jest, but the comment left me mortified. Had what I considered to be “helpful honesty” contributed to a change of life plans for a person I barely know?

As a first time Mum, I’ve found the honesty of mummy bloggers to be instrumental in my recovery from a traumatic childbirth and as I encounter every stage of winging it – I know I’m not the first or last to want to throw in the towel. For me, that honesty is an invaluable resource.

But of course we’re not all the same. And whilst it’s now normal to find people joining the “bad mum’s club” did the generation before us really have it right by keeping mum about being Mum?

Only yesterday my own Dad told me he’d wanted to throw me out the window as an inconsolable baby.
“But why does no one tells you that’s normal?! I said, despairingly.
“Well until you have children, it sounds awful.”

(Which totally made me think of this Family Guy skit)

And maybe that’s it. Maybe if the generations before us were as outwardly honest about how shit things can be when you’ve had no sleep and are picking dried sick out of your bra – perhaps we’d have put too many people off?!
Perhaps many of us wouldn’t even be here?! Well, that would suck.

They say honesty is the best policy, but honestly – I don’t know..
I often think back to my first ever blog post, when a new mum got in touch to say she related to my words, and really needed to hear someone else was in the same situation. Thinking of that makes me believe that if my honesty has helped just one person – it’s worth the risk of putting someone off.

That said, perhaps I’m not honest enough about what’s great about being a Mum. So to those people I may have made think twice – please believe me when I say this:

Your heart will never feel so full.
Your home will never feel so warm, and your life will never be so exhaustingly awesome as when you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a child.

It’s not all bad. Honest.

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