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- 24 Jul 16

If you’d have asked me 12 months ago how I felt about going to work in a nightclub at 20 weeks pregnant, you probably would have been greeted with this face:


Leaving the house at 10pm and returning at 5am, standing up for 5 hours, dealing with drunk people in a loud environment and being paranoid about bumping my bump on the way to the toilet were just some of the issues which made me to decide to stop DJing fairly early into my pregnancy. I was already exhausted and I couldn’t hack it.

My Boss and his lovely Wife said they’d welcome me back with open arms once the baby was here as I’d “probably be desperate for a night out.”

I laughed. Oh how I laughed; assuming I’d not be taking them up on that offer. I thought cosy nights in sniffing my beautiful baby’s head whilst surrounded in a glow of happiness would be far superior to a night shift behind the decks.

So it’s time for me to admit, I was beyond naive – I HAD NO IDEA. I’m sorry.

I have never been happier to be behind those decks. They literally have saved my sanity. Just once a month, I get to concentrate on just one thing. Music. Something that’s always been my passion.

Here are some of the reasons that being a DJ is an incredible break from Mum Life.

  1. If you smell poop, there is no need to clean it. It’s probably just someone farting near the DJ booth. It’ll
  2. Drunk people, as incoherent as they can sometimes be, are easier to understand than a 5-Month-Old.
  3. You very rarely encounter crying. If you do, it’s usually a stranger in the ladies’ – consolable with a quick hug and some words of female empowerment. #GirlPowerchild-1267509_960_720
  4. For 5 hours, I just have to think about keeping that dancefloor busy. Nothing more. It takes skill and experience, but I know what I’m doing. I don’t ever feel out of my depth.
  5. No one is sick on you. They’re probably sick on the floor. But no one is sick on the DJ. I’d call that a perk.silhouette-767992_960_720
  6. If someone is screaming in my face – it’s actually a good thing. It means I’ve probably put on a great metal song, and they want to show their appreciation. A far cry from the  shrill “teething scream” that gives me a twitchy eye and makes me temporarily question my path in life.
  7.  I get a lie in. I’m lucky enough to have an awesome Husband who will take the night and morning shift whilst I’m at work. So I know when I roll in at 5am – I’ll actually get some decent sleep. (I do try and help though!)13775441_10155453893522588_909441787071903122_n
  8.  For 5 Hours once per month, I am not Mum. I am just Mel. I am the person who can play your favourite song. There’s no denying that being a DJ is still a pretty cool job. I’m proud to say I do it, and aside from the hours being quite tough sometimes, it’s great fun to be surrounded by happy people and great music.

But I suppose the most important reason DJing “saved my life” is that it allows me to miss my little boy. I adore spending time with him, but that thing about absence making the heart grow fonder is never truer than when it comes to your children. Yesterday for example, he screamed blue murder for numerous hours. (Thanks teeth – you dicks.) I was excited to leave the house. I couldn’t wait.

But by 2:30am, I found myself flicking though my camera roll, smiling as his chubby cheeks and excited to get home and see him. As frowned upon this admission might be, I think if I never had the chance to miss him, I’d start to resent the monotony of parenting. (SAHM’s – you are such a huge inspiration to me. I don’t know how you do it!) But for me, just that short break gives me the refuel of me time I need to start being awesome again.

So Expectant Mums, FTM’s or Mum’s who never give themselves a break – Please heed my advice: Never underestimate the power of a few hours alone. Refuelling your awesome tank is so important. It might even save your life too.


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