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- 3 Mar 16

So world book day today… I lucked out, I had asked for some dress up stuff for the boys for Christmas (Pinterest says this is a key staple to any play room) my SIL got a brilliant monkey and lion outfit so when the boys were handed Dear Zoo and Nursery Rhymes as themes I went with the Lion for little man and 5 little monkeys for big man – boom.

I was very pleased with myself, that was until I got to nursery… an array of costumes by some very crafty mothers including a ‘baaa lamb’ (aka sheep) covered in cotton wool (I thought he was a cloud, that’s how creative I am) and the actual bloody sticky stick man with individually cut out felt leaves and a handmade STUFFED felt stick WTAF where do these women find the time?!

I am not onboard with all this crafty crap, my life moto is – whatever makes it easy – with 2 under 1 you pretty much survive day to day whilst growing guns of steel, with 2 under 2 life becomes (I whisper it) a little easier (eldest is talking and youngest is walking) so I am not about to make it any harder.

We do have a ‘craft’ box it includes:

1) Stickers – I assumed THE easiest craft ever but for some reason it takes the little humans FOREVER to learn how to peel a sticker out themselves

2) Crayons – How bad can they be? Well my youngest is rather partial to a crayon although actually much more happy when gnawing on a stick of chalk (yes we got an easel for Christmas too – all out on the artsy fartsy, pinterest has a lot to answer for)

3) Some of those awesome paint me with water no mess picture scenes – LOVE

4) Playdoh – it was a present. Playdoh we got out recently (when the youngest was napping obvs) and I enjoyed it and the eldest thought my snakes were wicked AND he lost interest pretty quickly so I felt like I’d achieved something very crafty in less than 15mins, that’s my kind of crafting.

My sister is craft queen, she has cupboards full of the stuff, my niece (she’s 4) asked for a “large price of green card” I have no idea why “of course my darling” was the reply – really?! When I told my sister I’d been on e-bay looking for a wolf costume for world book day she said “why don’t you just make a mask” REALLY who has time for this shit? I had to explain that making one would mean going out to buy all the crafty crap first in which case I may as well just buy one!

Am I the only mother resisting crafty crap? Big loves people

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