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- 5 Sep 16

We all know that being a mum kicks the decision making process into overdrive.  At every turn there’s a choice and with that choice an opinion, a sub opinion, a brigade, forum and thread.  And the guilt.  And possibly a mumgraine.

What if *gasp* you make the wrong choice?

The newborn baby decisions are behind us, we got tied up in knots with the first baby (damn you Gina), we couldn’t give a hoot with the second (so far).  However, what lies before us is a toughy, the question we all come to at some point in parenthood.

To cut or not to cut? That is the question.

Her hair I mean.  Isn’t this a question we all wrestle with?  Just when do you cut those beautiful baby curls?

Okay, okay she’s not a baby, she’s 3 (and a half). And still, I can’t bring myself to do it.  To book that first chop.

Little Miss’s hair is a mix depending on the day, mousy brown with natural blonde highlights, gorgeous long ringlets all down her back, a curl resting on her beautiful and thoughtful brow.

The mix I was talking about?  Her ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ look the rest of the time.  At least by 10am.  Fetching.

Ah those curls.



A blessing and a curse at the same time.

When tangled, we’re never quite sure if it will ever become untangled again (ever).

So how did Harper Beckham help us make a decision about LM’s hair? (a major life choice I’m sure you’ll agree).  By being a year older and having an uncut mop.  HURRAY!

Well it’s long at least so I’m guessing it’s never been cut (and it looks gorgeous!).

Everyone else looks to celebrity kids to make their decisions right?


Just me then.

So phew Miss Beckham and bless you for being a year older and a role model to my LM, bless you for rocking the long locks, and for giving me another year before I have to think about it again, at least! And by then I’m sure she’ll have an opinion of her own.  Another fantastic way out.

Decision made and headache avoided.

Now, Galaxy or Dairy Milk tonight with GBBO?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.




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