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- 7 Jun 16

As the mother of 5 wonderful children, soon to be 6, why do I constantly find myself making excuses or joking about how many children I have?  I remember when I was pregnant with my 5th child, I didn’t go around telling people as I proudly did with my first.  It’s not that I wasn’t as excited but people’s reactions were not always positive and left me feeling angry rather than proud that I was growing a person.

So I find myself in the same situation again approaching 4 months pregnant with #6, up until now it’s been a wonderful secret between me and my husband but my ever expanding belly meant that it was time to tell the children and share it with the world.  It was a wonderful moment and they were so excited about having another brother or sister.  One daughter announced it to the whole class at school and my youngest told anyone and everyone, more than once, that “mummy had a baby in her tummy”, their excitement was infectious.

People seem to think if you have more than 2 or 3 children then you’re mad or crazy and should get yourself a television!  I have been asked before how I found time to paint my nails, seriously.  I have had positive comments as well, usually about them wishing that they’d had another one but on the whole it’s complete shock and surprise that I would even think about another child when I already have 5.  This is where I find myself justifying why I am and laughing it off.  Why do we get so caught up in what other people think? Large families aren’t for everyone, I get it but for us it is the pure happiness seeing them all grow up together.

The fact is (as my husband repeatedly tells me) it doesn’t matter what other people think or say, at the end of the day when the curtains close it’s the people in your home that matter.  Simple.  Be pregnant and proud, whether it’s number 1 or 10.

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I am a mum of 6 mini humans and wife to 1. Bumbling along in the world of parenting, winging my way and not always getting it right!

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