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- 9 May 18

Here’s a little poem:

if you’ve ever just wanted to be by yourself
if you’ve ever shouted “stop crying i hate this”
if you’ve ever wanted all of “you” back
if you’ve ever said “I miss the old me”

if you’ve ever said “is this thing she does normal?”

if ever you’ve nodded and said “i’m fine”
while thinking “all i want is peace and wine”
if you’ve ever felt horribly, hollowly alone
surrounded by plastic tat, and noise unknown
if you’ve ever felt like the one getting it wrong
the one who finds the days so endlessly long

then New Mum you’re welcome to join our gang
of every Mum in every land
who loves her kids, but wishes for patience
and calm, and peace and reassurance
And my love, I promise, you’re doing just fine.

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Laura Oldfield

Laura is the founder of Power of Mum, and loves a hot bath. She is also a confidence and business coach, mum of a two year old boy and three year old girl, secondary school music teacher, singer, blogger, podcaster and love of women. She works with clients who want to grow in confidence in life, business and motherhood, make profitable businesses (in whatever sense), are creative, beautiful mums who deserve the best, and who need help in finding a rhythm that works for them and their family. She has a rather lovely Facebook group that you’d be welcome to join!

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