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- 6 Mar 17

When you first have a baby it can be really magical. Everyone is so excited to meet them, friends and family appear with tiny little hats, meals and helpful hands…

new mum

The first couple of weeks are tiring but amazing, you feel protected in your little bubble of love. But it can’t last forever…


People start to disappear. It’s not their fault, everyone has their own responsibilities and you have bills to pay. Normal everyday life must come crashing back…

new mum2

You always thought looking after a baby would be hard, exhausting even, but maybe you weren’t fully prepared for the total life hijack. The sofa covered in sick, the numerous cups of cold tea littering the living room, the endless dirty nappies and the half eaten bowls of cereal…


How can one tiny, beautiful human cause so much chaos? Sometimes you look around and feel like you aren’t achieving anything. Sometimes you miss the freedoms of your old life.


NO! The jäger train has left the platform!

People tell you that it’s important to get out, go to baby groups and have coffee with friends. That helps, it really does. But even when you are surrounded by other people you can end up feeling quite alone…

other people

It can seem like you are the odd one out. The only one who is not enjoying it. The only one who is wishing the time away. The only one who can’t work out the logistics of taking a shower.

other people2

How the hell do other mums manage to look so together?!


Those thoughts can get on top of you, make you feel anxious, make you feel down…

bad thoughts

But it’s not just you. Sometimes we forget that other people tend to put on a front and share the good sides of their lives. We all do it right?


Katie Kirby’s book ‘Hurrah for Gin: A book of perfectly imperfect parents’ is out now so check it out!

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Brighton based digital marketer and Mum to two 'lively' boys. I like cheese, brushing my teeth, rabbits and gin. Gin drinking rabbits would be my ideal companions...

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