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- 4 Apr 17

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against people who take selfies. I’m not great at it myself. I try to add a selfie if I post on Facebook because I know people are more likely to take notice of a photo than just words. In all honestly, my main motivation for taking a selfie is because it’s the only way I’m going to get a photo with me and the kids. We’re home alone, who else is going to take the photo?

My problem here is with the concept of motivating yourself to stick to your weight loss plan with the thought of an ‘after selfie’.

If you are going to embark on a healthy eating plan please don’t do it for the after selfie. A selfie is never actually for yourself. It’s for Facebook. Or for Instagram.

If you are going to make a change…

Do it so you can push your toddler up the hill on her scooter because her little legs are tired.

Do it so you can keep up with your kids when they are running round the park.

Do it so your health improves and you’re actually going to live long enough to see your babies have their own babies (if they want them).

Do it so you have the energy to start that business, dance with your friends and embrace all that life has to offer!

Do it for you.

Don’t do it for the after selfie.

If you are doing this for the after selfie, you’re purely doing this to look better. You won’t be thinking about your health. You won’t be thinking about staying strong. You are likely to end up starving yourself, under-nourishing yourself, getting caught in a cycle of blame and shame every time you go ‘off plan’ and ultimately, you won’t actually be any happier. Even if the after selfie is smokin’ hot.

I’m really passionate about discovering our ‘why’, our motivation for doing anything in life. It’s one of the thing I ask my clients to do right at start of their Mum’s Health Coaching.

When you embark on something tough it’s important to know why you are doing it. Whether that’s deciding to lose weight, starting a new business or redecorating your house. At the start you have an amazing amount of motivation and energy for the project or change, then you hit a stumbling block, things get hard and you’re wondering who’s stupid idea this was in the first place…

Sound familiar?

The strength of your why dictates the strength of your willpower

When you have a really strong, powerful why it keeps you going when the going gets tough.

When you can’t imagine how on earth you are going to get through another day without gorging on chocolate biscuits, your WHY will help you stay out of the kitchen.

When your work colleagues are grilling you about why you won’t join in with the office doughnuts, you will be so much stronger if you have your WHY at the forefront of your mind.

So comment below – what’s your why? Dig deep! In business I often hear the phrase ‘your why should make you cry’. And as cliche as it sounds – this works for any change you want to make in life! Your ‘why’ should be moving, powerful and motivating. The after selfie isn’t it.

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Rachel Collins - The Mum's Health Coach

I’m Rachel Collins, The Mum’s Health Coach and Founder of the #MumsEmbrace Movement. I believe that Motherhood can EXPAND our world and I show mums how to make that happen! It is my mission to help other Mums break down some of the biggest blockers to living life to the full; low energy levels, low self-esteem and Mum guilt. Get ready Mums - it’s time to embrace everything life has to offer.

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