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- 15 Jul 16

Turn back the time to seven months ago, my daughter was nearing on six months and I COULD NOT WAIT to start weaning. I had a baby cookbook to hand and a million ideas in my head. I planned to spend my day on Sunday prepping meals for the week, I’d bought little freezer pots and pink spoons and bowls along with the cutest little high chair for her to sit her little bum in.

How naive I was.

My little one has just turned one and the weaning process and her dietary needs have done nothing short of consume me for the past six months. And if deciding what she needs to eat and finding the time to actually prep it wasn’t enough, getting her to eat it would take what once seemed like an exciting new task for us into an hour long struggle of spaghetti covered walls and cheese covered clothes.

I always said I would prepare all my own food and not give in to all the ready made meals for babies. Well that lasted about a week. If there’s one thing my daughter loves, it’s Ella’s Kitchen. Thank god for Ella’s Kitchen. And to anyone that feels the same way I once did, I now look at it this way- pre made baby food has to meet standards, if it was so bad for your child they would not be allowed to sell it. Now I’m not saying they should eat it for every meal, but for lunch along side some fruit I see no harm (Ella’s Kitchen has no added nasties and no added water and is all organic )

So that got me through in part to ten months. Then the fun began.

These are the 16 emotional stages of my one year olds dinner time (sob) :

1. Spend all day planning a meal for your family that is nutritious and tasty.

2. ‘She loved this last time, she’ll definitely eat all of this’ Spend an hour roasting butternut squash and baking chicken.

3. ‘Aaah. Num num nummmmmm’ she’s hungry.

4. Sit down at table, present child with lovingly prepared meal.

5. Child throws sippy cup at you, pushes plate away.

6. ‘Come on, you love butternut squash and its sooooo good for you’

7. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’

8. Child cries

9. I cry

10. Child takes all food off plate and onto the table. Throws plate on the floor. Plays with food for fifteen minutes.

11. Child eats a bit of chicken (FINALLY)

12. Halfway there

13. Gets bored, brushes remainder of food onto the floor, screams for dummy.

14. ‘Ok well done, let’s go play’ (die a little inside at sight of lovingly prepared meal on floor)

15. ‘Aaaaaaahh num numnum’ still hungry.

16. Repeat above.

The struggle is real. And what’s more, if the butternut squash or chicken or anything for that matter was on my plate I can guarantee she would want it all.

And so the fun of weaning continues …

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Kimberley Hughes

Happy mama. | Instagram: iheartkimberley. | Twitter: iheartkimberley

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