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- 22 Nov 16

With the festive adverts flooding our small screens, we’re all led to believe that this time of year is the most magical of all, particularly if there are little people in the brood.

Far from being a Scrooge, I love Christmas and I always have. I remember one year when I was a youngster and I cracked out the Christmas tunes in June … much to my parent’s despair.

But, this year is different. Although it’s not the first festive season with 13-month-old son TJ in my life, last year he (thankfully) slept through dinner and he didn’t mind being handled by everyone.

Over the last 12 months, the sleeping has, of course, decreased and his energetic personality has flourished. So, this Christmas Day promises to be a whole different stocking stuffed full of tricks.

First of all, I am facing the dilemma of what presents to buy. It seems mean, neglectful almost, to not get TJ anything from Santa. So, we have bought him a couple of ‘big’ presents – a trike and a personalised blanket. But, if past experiences are anything to go by, such as his first birthday, the wrapping and boxes will be more exciting than the actual gift. A cardboard tube which months ago contained a poster is still living amongst TJ’s toys. Would it be really awful if I just gave him the wrapping left over from my gifts?!

Secondly is the issue of decorations. The Christmas tree has always been my favourite tradition and I have lovingly dressed our tree to take centre stage in the lounge. That space is now occupied by a play pen. TJ is also in full cruising mode so he’s likely to pull a tree to shreds as he finds his little feet in the world. Half of the decorations I have collected over the years – some from holidays or some full of irreplaceable memories – will smash in the blink of an eye under TJ’s watch. So, I am debating either tree relocation or decorations of only tinsel and twinkling lights – which are sure to make TJ beam with happiness.

Thirdly is what we will do on the actual day. Family members have been given their own specific time slots so everyone can get their time with the main attraction. To do so, we’re throwing caution to the wind as sleep and food routines will largely be put on hold for 24 hours. Me and TJ’s Dad are yet to flip a coin on who will be the designated driver/a responsible parent and stay off the booze. What we do know is that TJ will get plenty of fuss, which will help to share the parenting load for the day, and that will most definitely make it the season to indeed be jolly.

Every Christmas Day for the foreseeable future will be different to the last as TJ grows from baby and beyond. The annual reminder will be a great way to look back and reflect about how far we have come and to appreciate just how truly lucky we are to even need to consider how to manoeuvre Christmas with a baby.

Really, all I want for Christmas is a happy little boy … and some Prosecco. That would be nice too.  

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