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- 22 Jun 16

Quick the baby is napping…. What do you do?

Well currently I’m writing this post (and eating haribo)

I wonder what other mums (and dads) frantically do whilst you have some “me time”.

Here is my list of ideas….

Paint my nails. Nope as knowing my luck baby will wake up after just doing one hand and I won’t get time to do the other hand

Dye my hair. Joys of grey are out numbering brown. Nope. As baby will wake up mid waiting time and then I will forget what time it is rinse it out and I then realise I didn’t leave it on long enough. What is the point.

Have a nap. Ha ha ha ha! Just as you nod off the door bell rings.

Have a bath. Ditto the above.

Read a book. Well actually re read chapter one that you read last time you picked the book up as its been so long you cannot remember what the book was about.


Put 2nd load of washing on the line

Wash up

Sort out bottles

Sweep up

Put rubbish out

Tidy bathroom

Put clothes away

Prep dinner

Put ant powder outside the front door whist shouting die ants die then realise the new neighbor is watching!

Reply to the text that someone sent you this morning!

And baby is now awake!

What do you do?

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Frances Cross

A part time working mum dealing with life and blogging about it.

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