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- 13 Jun 18

Parenting is tough, beautiful but tough. Sometimes you’re so sapped of all your energy that getting dressed up and going out with your other half is the last thing on your frazzled mind.

We’d had a picture perfect day out. But as we all know, what’s behind the camera can be far from perfect. The kids were exhausted, I was exhausted. In fact I was hangry. It had been one of THOSE days. And it hadn’t been helped by the fact that we’d stupidly taken our sensory averse daughter to a war re-enactment. Explosions and all. WITHOUT her ear defenders.

So when we returned home, all I wanted to do was curl up under a blanket and hide from the world.

But we were due out for date night. The first date  since we’d had our son, the first date night in 14 months. We couldn’t cancel. But the sofa was calling me….. No. We couldn’t cancel.

Getting glammed up was an effort. It was a scorching day and the added heat from the hair straighteners was threatening to erase my make up clean off my face. And leaving the house was equally as tough-the groceries were about to arrive, I couldn’t find a suitable handbag and I’d forgotten my coat. But we made it out. Though my anxieties were hovering over me like an unwelcome mosquito.

Fifteen minutes later and we were at our local Zizzi (courtesy of a ‘it’s your birthday have a free main meal’ voucher), and the tensions of the day were slowly easing. We were smiling at each other. Laughing. Looking into each other’s eyes and conversing for longer than the 2 seconds it usually takes to yell ‘whose turn is it to change the nappy?!’. By the time I’d devoured the most delicious chocolate torte (dairy and gluten free, not an easy to find) I was relaxed. Heck I was in even danger of enjoying myself! Turns out it was exactly what we both needed. Even if we were home by 9:02pm.

So date night, DO IT. Whether it’s at home at your kitchen table (minus the mobiles and with the addition of a couple of candles), or at your local bar sipping a prosecco or two, do it. You won’t regret it!



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Mum of two, wife, teacher (now ex!), worrier (yes worrier, not warrior!), avid card-sender, doorstep flower deliverer and dog lover. I’m passionate about sharing our family experience of Turner Syndrome, and my own personal experience of anxiety.

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