The Swan Effect

Michelle Thomason - 1 Jun 15

Holly Willoughby recently declared that motherhood for the third time has been more difficult than for her previous two children. In her interview for The Mirror, she thought “it would be like falling off a log” having had two children before. Talking about problems...

Social media baby: How Much Do You Share?

Louise Thomason - 10 Feb 17

How many times have you opened social media to find you’ve been tagged in a photo and you wished you hadn’t? I sometimes wonder how the babies of today will feel when they discover the internet. And specifically, their faces all over it. As is boringly...
iamsalt Valentines

Loads of Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is Total BS

Sal T - 7 Feb 17

So Valentine’s Day is rolling around again, a time when many people feel compelled to pretend the person they are with is anything other than a petty annoyance preventing them from living the life they could have done had it not been for feeling...

How We Survived Financial Crisis. Just.

Clemmie Telford - 5 Feb 17

I’ve made a few references to 2016 being a shitty year. The universal reasons hardly need mentioning: politics going tits up. The loss of so many amazing creatives. And of course Bake Off. But for my family and I we also went through a...

How to kick the school run’s arse

Amy Ransom - 9 Jan 17

Since starting reception earlier this month, lots of bewildered first time school parents have come up to me and pleaded, ‘PLEASE TELL ME IT GETS EASIER! WE’RE EXHAUSTED.’ I think the look on my face has pretty much answered that question. But anyway. As...

Not Alone

Fiona Behl - 25 Jan 17

I tend to moan a bit about being a stay at home mum.  I wonder also if my blogs are a bit on the negative side.  I don’t think it’s ever crossed my mind to write about lovely days out we’ve spent as a...

The 5 Bummers of Being an Older Mum

Anniki Sommerville - 26 Jan 17

It was never my intention to wait until I was forty to have my first child. That’s possibly the problem. I didn’t have any intentions and then suddenly I was in my late thirties and it all turned into a panic. I won’t go...

A Sidecar Named Desire

Fiona Behl - 30 Jan 17

My husband is a biker.  Not the Sons of Anarchy kind, or the middle age dude who takes his ‘sports’ bike out on a Sunday in head to toe matching leathers, the adventure kind. It’s a whole genre of riding I’d never heard of...

Marching for the Future

Angel Underhill - 23 Jan 17

  It’s my husband’s turn to put Hazel to sleep, a process that goes much easier when me and my boobs are not around.  Tonight however, she was a champ.  She saw me walk to the coat closet to grab my scarf and coat...

President Trumpypants

Madeleine Thompson - 21 Jan 17

So, here we are, watching our friends on the other side of the pond as they begin a new era with a new President.  I know emotions are high and there are many feeling a lot of anxious feelings today about what will happen...

Lessons for Life

Kerry Thomson - 18 Jan 17

Like me, you’re probably sick of hearing how dreadful 2016 was. An annus horribilis on a monumental scale. A gargantuan grim reaper who snatched from us our childhood heroes, our European Union and our BBC Bake Off and left us with a giant orange oompa loompa...

Owning Motherhood

Justsayingmum - 24 Jan 17

  Reminiscing is a wonderful thing. Having time to reminisce even better. The Christmas break allows you some of that time, in-between actual Christmas and the New Year, where the days don’t count as real days, almost monopoly money like. They are film days....

Dearest Boo

In No Particular Order - 17 Feb 17

Dearest Boo I worried that you would pick up on my misery. It consumed me. That somehow you would see straight through your Mamas...

My name is Lorna…

Lorna Hayward - 8 Feb 17

And I am a social media addict. “Oh for god sake, here we go again!” I hear you cry – first Anxiety, then OCD...


When Mummy’s sick

Claire Reardon - 13 Feb 17

As a single mum living on a remote Cornish hill, I’ll never forget the...

My Son Has a Doll. The End.

Madeleine Thompson - 1 Feb 17

When my children wrote their Christmas lists for Santa, the contents were not that...

born too soon….

Intrepid Bebe - 29 Jan 17

I’m a mum without a baby, like a dish without it’s spoon I’m a book...


New Resolve for 2017

Nadine Mellor - 6 Jan 17

For much of 2016 I’d wake and for a split second all would be...

Then vs Now: Kid’s TV

Rachel Hawkins - 22 Mar 16

I had a bit of a surprise early last year, whilst on Maternity leave.  Aside...

Crafty crap

Melissa burgess - 3 Mar 16

So world book day today… I lucked out, I had asked for some dress...


Grandmother missing

Helen Ugwu - 9 Jan 17

I have come to the conclusion that without your mum there is no truly...

A Tribute to Early Risers

Anniki Sommerville - 5 Jan 17

What time counts as ‘early morning’ in your family? Four am? Five? What time...

Binge Friend-ing

UnbalancedWoman - 2 Jan 17

Just like drinking, these days I don’t see my friends as often as I...


The Curse of Mealtimes

Molly Gunn - 24 Mar 15

I feel exactly like the woman in the picture above. I’m not sure how I’ve...

Being A Mum Without A Mum

Georgina Fuller - 15 Oct 14

My mum was the kind of mother that everyone wanted. She was immense fun...


When new mums get angry

Steph Douglas - 16 Aug 16

When you’re pregnant, advice is pointed at you from every direction and the phrase...

“MUM” As a Diss

Lauren Laverne - 3 Jan 16

Bad news, ladyparents. “Mum” is making its way on to the long and terrible...

The Curse of Mealtimes

Molly Gunn - 24 Mar 15

I feel exactly like the woman in the picture above. I’m not sure how I’ve...

How I Got My Mojo Back

Melanie Rickey - 17 Sep 14

Melanie Rickey thought she was well set for motherhood, but no amount of reading...


Mums On the Razz

HurrahforGin - 28 Oct 16

*** Please note that ALL characters and events in this story are completely fictional and any similarities to real life is COMPLETELY coincidental ***...

Why Mum Must Come First (Sometimes)

Gemma Capocci - 13 Dec 16

Depression is a dick. I know this because it has featured in my family’s life in some form or another since I was seven...

“MUM” As a Diss

Lauren Laverne - 3 Jan 16

Bad news, ladyparents. “Mum” is making its way on to the long and terrible list of gender-specific terms of abuse. It’s the thin end...

Parenting Crimes I Have Committed

Clemmie Telford - 30 Sep 16

Before you have a kid you look at people with kids and think ‘i’ll never be like them’. Then you have one and it...


Georgina Fuller - 2 Mar 15

So the other day l was driving back from seeing a friend l usually see at least once a week in a town l...

Embracing The Mess

Julia Thompson - 21 Jul 16

I’ve never been on the shortlist (or anywhere near it in fact) for World’s Tidiest House – living with a self-confessed hoarder makes tidiness...

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