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Why We’re Dumping The Routine

Susan Horn - 28 Jul 16

Are you mad? I’ve been asked that quite a lot recently, and with good reason. We’ve just packed up all our worldly goods and shipped them off to Australia. That in itself is quite a feat, especially when you’re simultaneously dealing with a tantruming...
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Moving back to your parents (avec child)

Kate Garnish - 26 Jul 16

Its been 8 weeks and 6 days and 20 hours since we moved back to my parents house. Yes im counting. I haven’t moved back voluntarily, no no i have a valid reason. So…me, my husband and our daughter had been living in Montreal,...
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Clamp on the Stabilisers

Mary-Ellen Krause - 25 Jul 16

It is with great sadness that we heard of a tragic bereavement this week. My son, with all his lofty conversation and ability to ride a bike at full pelt- yet still a babe himself. When the sad news came, I ran into their...
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Help I’m a Monster Mum!

Tara O'Reilly - 24 Jul 16

Have you had a parenting moment so dire you actually feel it, physically when you think about it? Like when you used to go out at the weekends. You know, at night, wearing heels and stuff and you’d wake up the next morning and remember that...
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Being A DJ Saved My Life

Melissa Hamblett - 24 Jul 16

If you’d have asked me 12 months ago how I felt about going to work in a nightclub at 20 weeks pregnant, you probably would have been greeted with this face: Leaving the house at 10pm and returning at 5am, standing up for 5...
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Escaping the Dreaded Summer Break Burnout

Gemma Capocci - 24 Jul 16

So the start of the summer holidays has officially begun and we now have six whole weeks stretched ahead of us. Whether you’re working and have had the insane task of finding childcare for this time, or you’re at home hanging with the kids,...
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Confessions of a Domestic Goddess Fraudster

notaneffingfairytale - 16 Jul 16

Dear friends, I have a confession to make. Do you remember that time when you came for dinner and I had prepared those succulent, soft lamb shanks? You enthused at length about how the meat fell away from the bone and melted away in...
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Fancy making a baby tonight?

Anniki Sommerville - 22 Jul 16

Everywhere you look people are having it off. Game of Thrones– pure filth! The Affair– ditto. What about Versailles on BBC 2? C’est pornographie! In fact sex is everywhere. And in the movies when it comes time to ‘make a baby’ the experience is...

Top 5 Time-Out Places For Mothers

Fiona Pennell - 12 Jul 16

Children love to hide and escape, be it in a den made of sticks, a supersized cardboard box, a home-made tent made out of sheets and duvets. They love a place where they can be alone and let their imaginations run wild. My eldest’s...
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Embracing The Mess

Julia Thompson - 21 Jul 16

I’ve never been on the shortlist (or anywhere near it in fact) for World’s Tidiest House – living with a self-confessed hoarder makes tidiness an almost impossible dream – but I do love a bit of hosting and so have always tried to maintain...
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The Lowdown on Single Parenting

Jade Lloyd - 23 Jul 16

I chose to be a single parent, with consideration and with courage. I own it rather that describe it as being coerced upon me...

Learning to Love Pink

themotherhub - 21 Jul 16

  I was never the kind of person who was dying to have a daughter. My first born was a boy, and I was...


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The Unselfish Mother

Rebecca Maberly - 20 Jul 16

Do you know how ironic this is? The founder of Selfish Mother is not...

Remembering Lottie

MelbourneStreetsMummy - 18 Jul 16

Nearly three weeks after the birth of my beautiful Ollie, it is hard not...



The day I dropped my son

Anonymous Mummy - 30 Jun 16

It was the school holidays. As usual it was raining. I had forgotten a...
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Stillbirth still happens

Michelle Cottle - 30 Jun 16

Stillbirth still happens. And it actually happens a lot. Why didn’t I know this?...
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Freezer Fridays!

Hannah Harris - 24 Jun 16

I LOVE Fridays. On a Thursday evening I almost start to feel a little...


Kids mealtimes, dinners, selfish mother

The Curse of Mealtimes

Molly Gunn - 24 Mar 15

I feel exactly like the woman in the picture above. I’m not sure how I’ve...

Being A Mum Without A Mum

Georgina Fuller - 15 Oct 14

My mum was the kind of mother that everyone wanted. She was immense fun...


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Being A DJ Saved My Life

Melissa Hamblett - 24 Jul 16

If you’d have asked me 12 months ago how I felt about going to work in a nightclub at 20 weeks pregnant, you probably...

Party On!

Marianne Hill - 22 Jul 16

Over the years I have found some pretty unpleasant things lurking at the bottom of my children’s school bags; forgotten about bananas that have...
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Stillbirth still happens

Michelle Cottle - 30 Jun 16

Stillbirth still happens. And it actually happens a lot. Why didn’t I know this? Why didn’t I know that this didn’t end in the...
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Beating Around The Bush

Tetyana Denford - 27 Jun 16

The things I write about are the things I talk about in real life or on social media. I’m the unfiltered one at a dinner party that shares...
How Many?.....

How Many?…….

Rebecca Hurr - 7 Jun 16

As the mother of 5 wonderful children, soon to be 6, why do I constantly find myself making excuses or joking about how many...
free to wear pink

8 Things Not To Say To Boys Who Love Pink

Jenni Fuchs - 22 Jun 16

Unnecessary gender stereotyping of children is a topic that always generates discussion, and recently, the boys’ side of the debate has been making itself...

Leaving the hospital with empty arms . . .

Danni Reeder - 17 Jun 16

We joked with the sonographer as I lay on the examining bed, ‘make sure it’s only the one!’, as I rolled up my top...
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How To Change The World And Still Be Home for Kid’s Tea

Linzi Boyd - 30 Nov 14

Think back to when you were in your 20s. If you were anything like me you had a BIG VISION to change the world and...
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Do we give our kids too many treats?

Two Little Piggles - 15 Jun 16

We were always allowed an ice cream or a drink when we were younger and out and about. We knew the boundaries, we knew...

Insta Wonder Women

Guilty Mother - 10 Jun 16

Love it or hate it, Instagram is changing lives. They say a picture tells a thousand words and like me, millions of people choose...

What if the best year’s of your life just aren’t?

Liz Sharp - 20 Apr 15

The elderly woman wrapped a warm thin hand around my forearm and leant in close. At first I thought she had stopped to steady...
pregnant at 40 Selfish Mother


Esther Newman - 15 Oct 14

Two things. Firstly, I’m 40. (Cue screaming, tearing of hair and general hysteria.) On top of which, I’m also pregnant. (Cue my P45 – ah yes,...
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Material girl

Fay Hickman - 7 Apr 16

Deep in thought the other day (or lack of sleep induced daze, I’m not sure which) I chuckled to myself realising how far removed my...
Mum 2


Lauren Laverne - 3 Jan 16

Bad news, ladyparents. “Mum” is making its way on to the long and terrible list of gender-specific terms of abuse. It’s the thin end...


Louise McLaren - 12 Nov 14

At work, there occasionally cropped up a little joke that going on maternity leave was going on ‘holiday’. I took it in good humour,...

Newborn mothering myths

Molly Whitehead-Jones - 14 Jun 16

So my baby’s gradually turning into a toddler (wah!), meaning we officially survived the newborn phase – and weathered the barrage of useless advice...


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