Talking ‘Bout My Generation!

Mama Turg - 10 Nov 17

WARNING: Apologies if my blog title has attracted a lot of The Who fans! This is not my intention. I’m 34, that’s right, a child of the 80’s… Hubba Bubba, scrunchies, slouch socks and cassettes…to name a few are my childhood memories. As I...

Be kind online

Kate The Muddled Mum - 5 Nov 17

We’ve all heard the mantra, “Be kind, always”. But when it comes to how we behave online, it can be easy to forget to be kind. Yesterday something happened that hasn’t happened to me before – someone took offence to something I posted and...

5 Things I Miss About Office Life

Anniki Sommerville - 30 Oct 17

Earlier this year I took voluntary redundancy from my  job working in marketing. I had joined the company back when I was in my twenties, and was now clearly the oldest person in the office. Now I’m lucky enough to have a fab role...

Beyond Motherhood

Sarah Langford - 13 Aug 17

It was a note, stuck on my windshield, a little soggy around the edges from the dusk dew.  A love note I suppose, of sorts: a description of me by a bemused new boyfriend, trying to figure out who I was.  Because, to be...

Party Harder

Fin O'Driscoll - 21 Oct 17

An open letter to children’s entertainers: Dear Silly Sally, Dizzy Izzy, Bonkers Barry et al, I have spent the last 4 years gritting my teeth through endless afternoons filled with balloon animals, clunky magic tricks and of course the inevitable fart noises. I have...

Your child’s fussy eating is Not Your Fault

Rebellious Mum - 16 Oct 16

It’s the easiest thing in the world to judge other people’s parenting. I was particularly guilty of this before I became a Mum. “Kid throwing a tantrum in a shop? Spoilt brat! Baby crying? Make it stop! Toddler who eats Turkey Dinosaurs? Shame on...


Mary-Ellen Krause - 1 Oct 17

Every Three Weeks I Let Cancer Win A Battle

Catherine Wiltcher - 6 Oct 17

On this day, typically the fifth or sixth since my last chemotherapy infusion, every insecurity and unspoken fear of mine wraps their icy fingers around my wrist and drags me deeper and deeper into the abyss. I can’t fight it. I simply don’t have...

The Myth of The Mum Squad (Or How I Found My Sunshine)

Anna Whitehouse - 19 Sep 17

I was I think, a bad person in the first year of Mae’s life. I would seethe as a mate’s kid started sleeping through the night whilst mine was a foghorn from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. I was so tired I couldn’t see...

On parenting and the conspiracy of silence

Beckyboop - 18 Jul 17

I have had the great privilege recently of knowing not one but two families in the early stages of raising twins. Obviously I can’t speak for them – I can’t even imagine the complexity of such a mammoth task – but one thing I...

How we blitzed the nits

Fiona Pennell - 13 Sep 17

It all started with an itch one morning… ‘Mama! My head won’t stop itching!’ screeched my 5-year-old. He’d woken up in floods of tears and was scratching his scalp rigorously. ‘Don’t worry,’ I reassured him. ‘I’m sure it won’t last.’ But it did. In...

Learning to love my body again

Suzy Stanton - 3 Aug 17

Social media is awash at the minute with mothers celebrating their post birth body. They are embracing their lumps, bumps and imperfections because their body created amazing little people. They grew humans inside of them and then brought them into the world to breath...

My maternity leave clock is ticking

Chloebythecoast - 4 Sep 17

Everything I Know About Anxiety

Clemmie Telford - 10 Jul 17

I published a version of this list some time ago. For the last couple of years, I’ve largely had my anxiety under control. Or rather it hasn’t managed to control me. But this week it came back with a vengeance. Probably something to do...

The Sleepover: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Fiona Pennell - 8 Mar 17

‘Can come for a sleepover, please! Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease!’ As my two boys get older, I’m beginning to hear this a lot. And I get it. I get that they want to act all grown up and stay up late, turn their...

A Powerful Message from My Teen Girl to all Teen Girls

Lauren Derrett - 21 Apr 17

So, I run this thing called This Girl is Enough. It’s a non-profit, women only movement that encourages women to shine their light into the world and challenges them to love themselves and other women a little more. I spent most of my life...

Seven things I love about McDonald’s

Georgina Fuller - 6 Jul 17

I know, I know, no self-respecting, half-decent parent who worries about their children getting their obligatory five a day, would ever admit to being partial to a Mc Donald’s or taking their kids there on a regular basis, would they? I don’t think my...

Things I Learned After #2

Georgie Wilman - 24 Oct 17

It is possible to love another little one as much as you love your first born. This may take a little longer than it...

Advice on Boys For My Teenage Daughter

Fiona Behl - 29 Oct 17

I realise I’m straying from the usual Mummy Blogging type stuff here but bear with me. I know I should be writing about sleep...



If In Doubt Wear Black

Esther Walker - 16 Sep 16

I have never dressed particularly well. Spending a lot of money on clothes has...


Alex Manson-Smith - 16 Aug 14

It isn’t news that a woman’s dress sense can go amiss when she has...


Julia Rebaudo - 23 Jan 14

I’ve always been one for comfort when it comes to clothes, but pre motherhood...


Why breast wasn’t best for me

Fiona Pennell - 11 Jul 17

I’ve not yet touched on the subject of breastfeeding and formula-feeding. I’ve never really...


Mums On the Razz

HurrahforGin - 28 Oct 16

*** Please note that ALL characters and events in this story are completely fictional and any similarities to real life is COMPLETELY coincidental ***...

Why Mum Must Come First (Sometimes)

Gemma Capocci - 13 Dec 16

Depression is a dick. I know this because it has featured in my family’s life in some form or another since I was seven...

“MUM” As a Diss

Lauren Laverne - 3 Jan 16

Bad news, ladyparents. “Mum” is making its way on to the long and terrible list of gender-specific terms of abuse. It’s the thin end...

Parenting Crimes I Have Committed

Clemmie Telford - 30 Sep 16

Before you have a kid you look at people with kids and think ‘i’ll never be like them’. Then you have one and it...


Georgina Fuller - 2 Mar 15

So the other day l was driving back from seeing a friend l usually see at least once a week in a town l...

Embracing The Mess

Julia Thompson - 10 Jun 17

I’ve never been on the shortlist (or anywhere near it in fact) for World’s Tidiest House – living with a self-confessed hoarder makes tidiness...

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