Beating the ‘Broody’

Sarah Jarman - 15 Jun 17

Every now and then my life experiences a ‘baby boom’. A length of time where it appears as though everyone I know is announcing a pregnancy or introducing a teeny, tiny human to the world. My Facebook wall becomes graffitied with photos of chubby...

My father the feminist

Georgina Fuller - 17 Jun 17

I read recently that the average person spends three times as much on Mother’s Day than they do on Father’s Day and, whilst I’m not surprised, (my dad thinks Father’s Day is a load of rubbish, for starters) it made me think about how...

The Difference Between Bad and Crap Parenting

Anniki Sommerville - 9 Jun 17

We all know that celebrating our parenting fails makes us feel better. Women have always enjoyed being self-deprecating (sometimes to an absurd degree), and parenting is one of those arenas where we gain strength and confidence through sharing the stuff that goes wrong. ‘They...

What do stay-at-home mothers do all day?

Fiona Pennell - 6 Jun 17

As a so-called ‘stay-at-home mother’ I often get asked this: ‘What do you do all day?’ This is usually accompanied with a surprised ‘Why on earth would you want to sacrifice your career and do nothing all day?’ look. And this is because there...

Living a Life Less Enviously….

Gemma Capocci - 2 Jun 17

No one likes to admit they’re feeling envious. Fact. An ugly emotion often associated to mean girls, who bitch behind your back and smile to your face. But unbeknown to the likes of Instagram and other shiny social media channels, I would guess the...

Feral Hormones

Helen Chandler - 22 May 17

Since my periods returned after having my youngest child, 2.5 years ago, one week every month is absolute hell. My experience of PMT previously had been feeling a bit snappish or tearful for a couple of days before my period; nothing that a hot...

Panic & Anxiety: Welcome to Hell.

Jess Helicopter - 11 May 17

As it’s Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK, I thought I’d write a bit about my experience of anxiety and panic attacks. I know that when I was in the height of my panic disorder it was a great comfort to me...

Age of consent

Anna Whitehouse - 18 May 17

How do you feel about sharing photos of your kid/s on the internet? It’s a question I get asked at every turn – from glossy magazine journalists seeking a ‘I’m riddled with guilt’ response to kindly paisley print-swathed aunties in rural Bucks whose subtext...

Mum Launches Storybook To Help Children See Past Gender Stereotypes

Cheryl Rickman - 8 May 17

By Cheryl Rickman Ever since my daughter was 3 years old and chose to play with cars, footballs and dinosaurs; shops, adverts, the media and other people told her they were “for boys” and, therefore, not for her. We certainly struggled to find that stuff...

Trying To Thrive

Helen Bashford - 9 May 17

I didn’t find childhood the easiest, and I grew up in a family dotted with undiagnosed mental health problems. As a result I’ve always felt a little on the back foot with mental ill health; that it’s possibly lurking just around the corner and I’d...

Why I don’t want my daughter to be a ‘Mumpreneur’ when she grows up 

Cat & EJ - 23 Mar 17

or… Stop calling me a Mumprenuer, I’m an Entrepreneur just like you. For the past four years I have worked alongside my business partner day and night to establish my own company. Our business, Smalls, has won several awards and counts Harrods and Selfridges...

Why Having Kids is Great for Your Career

Clemmie Telford - 1 May 17

I am really passionate about being a Working Mum. Not suprising really when it’s how I spend 40 hours a week. So here it is ‘Why Having Kids is Great for Your Career’: – Having kids has accelerated my career. – Yup that’s right....

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

HurrahforGin - 7 Apr 17

This post is a chapter from Katie Kirby’s book Hurrah For Gin ( and it’s all about celebrating mums and the absolutely amazing job they do…’ ‘Ok you’re good to go!’ said the doctor. We’d been sitting around for hours waiting for the forms to be filled...

Not tonight darling

About Mother - 14 May 17

Sex changes after having a kid. I was aware of this fact before I became a Mum but only superficially, I had no real clue of the depth of why this might be.  After I had my daughter I stepped into a new reality,...

Bootcamp Baby!

Vicki Rendall - 24 Apr 17

I’m going to be honest and admit that I have been finding pregnancy number two a little more, shall we say, challenging, than my first. Physically there is nothing wrong with me: all my blood tests have been A+, my scans have caused no...

Not Alone

Fiona Behl - 25 Jan 17

I tend to moan a bit about being a stay at home mum.  I wonder also if my blogs are a bit on the negative side.  I don’t think it’s ever crossed my mind to write about lovely days out we’ve spent as a...

We’re ready for the inconvenient truths about breastfeeding

Lisa Williams - 23 Mar 17

Ask any mother about her breastfeeding experience and she’ll tell you. You’ll hear about cracked nipples, lonely night-feeds and how excruciating mastitis can be. She’ll tell you about low milk supply and leaking breasts and being too tired to remember how many heavy nappies...

Blogging. Why Bother?

Clemmie Telford - 10 Mar 17

Blogging is a funny old game. I still cringe introducing myself as a blogger. But then again my brother, who is a musician, feels embarrassed about carrying a guitar about. Maybe it’s the same thing? Or just a classic case of imposter syndrome. Anyway...

Flipping the Narrative on Scary Birth Stories

Feministparent - 20 Mar 17

Four am. As I stumbled around my flat in Scotland, it took a while for my sleep induced brain to realise what was going on – my waters had broken. I breathed deeply and felt adrenaline kicking in. Within half an hour I could...

A Powerful Message from My Teen Girl to all Teen Girls

Lauren Derrett - 21 Apr 17

So, I run this thing called This Girl is Enough. It’s a non-profit, women only movement that encourages women to shine their light into the world and challenges them to love themselves and other women a little more. I spent most of my life...

The Sleepover: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Fiona Pennell - 8 Mar 17

‘Can come for a sleepover, please! Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease!’ As my two boys get older, I’m beginning to hear this a lot. And I get it. I get that they want to act all grown up and stay up late, turn their...

Why we all need a Mumentor

Helen Wall - 15 Jun 17

I’m always second guessing my parenting. Sleep schedule or not. Timeout or not. Wash daily or not. After school club or not. Sweets or not. A million...

How to survive getting lost

Lisa Rickerby - 13 Jun 17

Sorry if you think this post is about navigating your way round New York City. I have been here two years and if I...


Doing it for my boys.

Julia Cahill - 10 Jun 17

When I look at my sons (especially when they don’t know I’m watching them,...

Embracing The Mess

Julia Thompson - 10 Jun 17

I’ve never been on the shortlist (or anywhere near it in fact) for World’s...

Trying for a Girl?

Clare Locker - 10 Jun 17

“So are you going to try for a girl?” As a mother of two...


My Amazing Body

Alice Archer - 19 Aug 16

I wore a bikini for the first time in over a year the other...


The Curse of Mealtimes

Molly Gunn - 24 May 17

I feel exactly like the woman in the picture above. I’m not sure how I’ve...

Binge Friend-ing

UnbalancedWoman - 2 May 17

Just like drinking, these days I don’t see my friends as often as I...

Being A Mum Without A Mum

Georgina Fuller - 15 Apr 17

My mum was the kind of mother that everyone wanted. She was immense fun...


Mums On the Razz

HurrahforGin - 28 Oct 16

*** Please note that ALL characters and events in this story are completely fictional and any similarities to real life is COMPLETELY coincidental ***...

Why Mum Must Come First (Sometimes)

Gemma Capocci - 13 Dec 16

Depression is a dick. I know this because it has featured in my family’s life in some form or another since I was seven...

“MUM” As a Diss

Lauren Laverne - 3 Jan 16

Bad news, ladyparents. “Mum” is making its way on to the long and terrible list of gender-specific terms of abuse. It’s the thin end...

Parenting Crimes I Have Committed

Clemmie Telford - 30 Sep 16

Before you have a kid you look at people with kids and think ‘i’ll never be like them’. Then you have one and it...


Georgina Fuller - 2 Mar 15

So the other day l was driving back from seeing a friend l usually see at least once a week in a town l...

Embracing The Mess

Julia Thompson - 10 Jun 17

I’ve never been on the shortlist (or anywhere near it in fact) for World’s Tidiest House – living with a self-confessed hoarder makes tidiness...

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